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operation shell shock



operation shell shock


Join #DoYouGiveARuck? for the 2nd year of Operation Shell Shock! Operation Shell Shock is a free event that we do every year where 2 elements from 2 neighboring counties to ruck 20 miles from city hall to city hall to raise awareness for veteran suicide and veteran PTSD awareness.


Every 24 hours 17 to 22 veteran's lose their lives and the fight to veteran suicide that is mostly fueled by the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As veteran's it is our duty to fight this war back home to save our brother's and sister's lives by building awareness. We also like to honor those who are still battling PTSD and those who have lost the war to PTSD by attaching ribbons of names to our packs so that they may ruck with their brother's and sister's in spirit.


This event will have 2 start point's and 1 end point. We will be starting off at Fort Pierce City Hall and Sebastian City Hall at the same time and will each cover a distance of 20 miles in representation of the average amount of veteran's we lose a day. Each company will end at the same finish point at Vero Beach City Hall.
#DYGAR? will provide meals, fall out vehicles, water, and other necessary items to complete this operation successfully. We strongly encourage you to have transportation arranged for the end point but we will be working on getting mass transportation back to start points.


After party and ceremony will be held at Filthy's Fine Cocktails & Beer located in Vero Beach afterwards.

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