a very merry ruckmas

Why give a ruckmas?

#DoYouGiveARuck? is a nonprofit group of military veterans and supporters dedicated to making the lives of veterans better through raising public awareness and fundraising for organizations whose programs and activities support veterans. We also take part in events that promote local businesses, feed the homeless, and give to those in need. 

Toys for Tots has always had a place in our heart and we take part every year by not only participating in different toy pickups but we also carry a Ruck event of our own to help contribute even more toy donations for those children less fortunate than others.


Check out these pictures from our Very Merry Ruckmas event as well as toy pickups at the local businesses that took part in such a great cause.

A very merry ruckmas - 2019

Here’s a video of our #AVeryMerryRuckmas ruck on the beach. Big thank you to Pastor Richard Demsick for another great video.

Toys for tots - toy pickup