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IRSC Pruitt Campus Library, PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL

Every year we try to one up our event's from the previous year. For the upcoming Freedom Festival and Memorial Ruck on September 9th, IRSC Department of Military and Veterans Services , IRSC - Indian River State College , Doyougivearuck and other military organizations will collaborate to bring a unique experience to the Treasure Coast.
We will hold a festival type event accompanied by a memorial ruck to honor those who sacrificed themselves climbing the World Trade Center Towers by holding a 3.43 mile ruck in the Port Saint Lucie community.
One part of the event to celebrate the lives we have now, while honoring those who served during the Global War On Terror by holding a fundraiser to fund college for Veteran's and funding for emergency funds for local Veteran's.
The ruck march part of the event will be split into 2 part's a full on honor ruck to memorialize the 343 firefighters we lost in the World Trade Center with a 3.43 mile ruck. With another 1 mile family friendly ruck who will join us at the end of the 3.43 miles, so that families with small children and the elderly can do the ruck as well. Finishing the ruck march in one strong unit.
We will fill our rucksacks and backpacks full of supplies that consist of food, new clothes, baby supplies, and hygiene supplies and at the end, donate it all back to the impoverished families in our community. The U.S. Army Reserve, Florida National Guard, the US Army PSL Recruiting Station, & U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs have already signed on to be part of the event!
Our next question is this....are you in? We need sponsors, vendors, and food truck's! Every penny donated will go to help Veteran's have a successful future and every item donated will go to a family in need. All you need to do is pick up your ruck, and follow us!
Sign up for this FREE event by visiting this link!
Be the change the community deserves!
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