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Marching for Veteran Causes

Upcoming Events

    Sat, Dec 09
    Port St. Lucie
    Dec 09, 1:00 PM
    Port St. Lucie, 679 NW Enterprise Dr ste 101, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986, USA
    Dec 09, 1:00 PM
    Port St. Lucie, 679 NW Enterprise Dr ste 101, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986, USA
    The 5th Annual Operation Ruckmas event on December 9th will be held at Hop Life Brewing Company this year! We will pack our backpack and rucksacks full of toy's during this event and ruck 2 miles through the Port Saint Lucie community. At the end of the ruck march, everyone who attends the ruck

#what's a ruck?

A ruck march is a relatively fast march over distance carrying a load. It is both a common military exercise and a civilian activity. Also known as a Loaded March, Forced Foot March, or Hump.

A ruck march is an everyday part of life for the Infantry, both as a great way to build up you fitness level, as well as a way to move troops and supplies over a long distance. It is a core capability required to complete many missions.

#DoYouGiveARuck? is on a mission to make life better for veterans, and we are marching our troops towards that objective. The money we raise through sponsors and the items we ask you to pack your rucksack with to be donated after the march go directly to organizations that are making a difference in Veterans lives.

Will you join our ranks and help us complete our mission?

#why we ruck

Headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida, #DoYouGiveARuck? is a group of military veterans and supporters dedicated to making the lives of veterans better through raising public awareness and fund raising for organizations whose programs and activities support veterans.

Some Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airman returning from the Global War on Terror are returning to a society they are having trouble adjusting to after the rigors of military service in a war zone, many are finding themselves unemployed, homeless, or just struggling to survive. At this point in the their transition to civilian life a little help at just the right time can make all the difference, and we want to provide that support.

Our primary method of doing this is through organized Ruck Marches on the Florida Treasure Coast open to the public where we raise funds through sponsors and collect material items from those participating in the ruck. These funds and materials, such as food or school supplies, are then redistributed to other agencies with programs that assist veterans and save lives.

Secondarily veterans often feel lost without a mission, our group provides young veterans an opportunity to participate in an organization that understands the military way of life and allows them to feel like they are making a difference in the world. This is especially important to those who suffered injuries that leave them disabled and feeling like they are no longer a productive member of society.

We hope you will consider showing your support by participating in one of our upcoming events.

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